How do you open the RoboCup?
(1) To open, first hold the RoboCup up to your chest with the jaws facing away from you. (2) Then using both hands, firmly squeeze the top cups inwards using your upper body and (3) finally clamp onto a surface using both jaws equally.  

What is the maximum capacity of the RoboCup?
The clamps open to a maximum of 2" and clamp to both round and flat surfaces.

My brand new RoboCup is stuck and can't be opened.
The very first time a RoboCup is opened is the hardest and typically a "pop" noise will be heard when the jaws separate from each other for the first time.  RoboCups springs are very powerful by design and require considerate upper body strength to properly operate it.   NOTE: an EZ-Spring version is available in purple, light blue and hot pink.  

What are the bottom end caps for?
The two bottom caps unscrew for access to clean it and a drain.  It also provides access for long objects including two fishing poles.  

Why does the packaging advise against putting hot drinks inside the RoboCup?
Even as heavy duty as the RoboCup is designed to be, it can still get knocked off potentially and spill a hot drink onto a person hurting them.  

Are the springs, bolts and nuts made of stainless steel?
Yes, the hardware is made of durable stainless steel which has proven itself in salty marine environments.   The original production batch of RoboCups in 2011 did not have stainless steel hardware so we quickly upgraded.  If you live in a salty environment, then we suggest to apply a anti-rust spray periodically.  

Does the RoboCup float?
No, the RoboCup does not float -- however you can cut off part of a swimming foam noodle and insert it inside the bottom part of the RoboCup.  

Can I order custom colors and apply a decal?  
Sorry custom colors can not be ordered but we can refer you to our printing source in Florida that prints our decals.  Our decal spec is heavy duty and lasts many seasons even outdoors.  Please contact us for details. 

Does the plastic material have UV-inhibitors for the sun?
Yes it does and should last several seasons in the elements.