On June 29th, 2011, in the midst of a severe global recession, The RoboCup, LLC officially launched the RoboCup® -- an exciting new patented portable caddy with a world of uses.  RoboCup is privately held Nevada company that is the sole manufacturer and exclusive global distributor of the RoboCup.  In 2005, as lifetime outdoor enthusiasts, our new mission was to develop a highly distinguishable proprietary product for both work and play that's unique, practical and versatile.  What started as "Fish Caddy", a complex rolling plastic fishing crate was then downsized to the "Rod Mate" which was a clampable double fishing rod holder and then evolved to RoboCup.  Over six years of product development and R&D was done before mass producing the first batch of RoboCups.  Even one complete set of tooling was destroyed before a single unit was sold because it was "only 80% right".  

In 2009, the USPTO granted a stout US utility patent -- without a single office action -- granting all 11 claims.  International patents are pending and "RoboCup®" is a registered trademark in the USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, India and others pending.  

RoboCup is portable, durable, lightweight and highly functional for numerous applications.  The patented dual-cylinder design holds more than twice the capacity of any other portable holders available and instantly clamps to both round and flat surfaces up to 2" maximum.  Absolutely no compromises were made in the end result and our core values won't let us settle for anything less than "awesome".  With meticulous attention to detail and a constant work in progress -- we strive to improve with each production run.  This is the first generation RoboCup and future versions will be enhanced with new features based on useful customer feedback.