On June 29th, 2011, in the midst of a severe global recession, The RoboCup, LLC officially launched the RoboCup® -- an exciting new patented portable caddy with a world of uses.  RoboCup is family-run business with deep roots in Glendale, CA and distributes all our products from privately-owned warehouse located in Cal City, CA which is in the beautiful Mojave Desert.   

In 2005, the initial concept started off as "Fish Caddy", a complex rolling plastic fishing crate was then downsized for portability to the "Rod Mate" which was a clampable double fishing rod holder.  After several years intense development, the concept evolved to RoboCup - a clamp on dual drink & fishing rod holder.  Over six years of product development and R&D was done before mass producing the first batch of RoboCups.  Even one complete set of tooling was destroyed before a single unit was sold because of design issues that were not up to our standards.  In 2011, the USPTO granted a stout US utility patent -- without a single office action -- granting all 11 claims.  RoboCup is a registered trademark in the USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, China, India and others pending.  

Absolutely no compromises were made in the end result and our values won't let us settle for anything less than "awesome".  With meticulous attention to detail and a constant work in progress -- we strive to improve with each production run.  Innovating never stops and after extensive R&D, we launched two new exciting additions in 2019 with the RoboCup Plus and the RoboCup Holster.  In Q1 2020, we proudly moved the manufacturing for the Plus and Holster from China to the US.  In 2021 we added new colors including yellow. In 2024 we launched over 12 new exciting products including the RoboCup Plate, Vest, Zippered Storage Pouches, Travel-Friendly Drink Holders and more.  More new products are under development now and will continue to expand the usefulness of a RoboCup.  

RoboCup is grateful to our worldwide customers and dealers -- treating them all like close friends, trying our best to never let them down -- which is our code we live by.   

Truly grateful,         
RoboCup Family