Insulated Extreme DUAL Drink Holder with Rubberized Straps

Insulated Extreme DUAL Drink Holder with Rubberized Straps

DUAL drink holder with a heavy duty ruggedized design that's stable in rough terrain and will not slide down even with a heavy drink.  Tested extensively both in the Mojave Desert on a high speed off-road car blasting through rough terrain and in the Pacific Ocean with a boat hitting choppy waters. 

The drink holder without straps can be worn separately on your belt using either of the two loops.   

The insulated internal material keeps drinks either cold and hot yet while also providing protection to your drinks.

The reflective safety stripe along the top for visibility and an elastic bungee cinch cord to tighten as needed.   The large mesh storage areas on the front side holds a phone, wallet, keys and other personal belongings.

Excess straps can be attached to the side of the drink holder and provides additional support.  The straps have a long reach with a maximum of 2.5" / 6.4 cm.

Dimensions:   Height:  7” / 17.8 cm   Width: 4” / 10.1 cm