Coastline Custom Golf Cars in Port Aransas, TX

Thank you for being such an exemplary RoboCup dealer!  What an impressive store and awesome golf cars.  RoboCup is both honored & humbled.

Coastline Custom Golf Cars 
1115 State Hwy 361 Suite B
Port Aransas, TX 78373

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4 RoboCups in use by ABC film crew in Montrose, CA 03-06-2018

4 RoboCups in use by ABC film crew in Montrose, CA 03-06-2018

While on my way to lunch in Montrose, CA, I saw an ABC film crew staged a block away and elated to see 4 RoboCups in use.  :)

robocup film caddy dual drink holder clamp on camera grip film caddy robocup clamp on dual drink holder grip camera
  film caddy robocup clamp on dual drink holder for crew, cast, grip, camera
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EZ-Spring RoboCups! (available Nov. 1st 2017)

RoboCup is excited to announce the addition of the new EZ-Spring version which is much easier to open yet still provides impressive clamping capabilities.  We listened to our customers and wanted to offer an lighter duty RoboCup that is less arduous to open.  

To start, two colors will be available in Nov. 1st 2017 in the EZ-Spring version including Hot Pink and Light Blue -- plus more colors will be added in the coming months.
EZ-Spring RoboCup
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Updated Design in Mid-2017: RoboCup fortifies it's Achilles Heal and new End Caps

In mid-2017, RoboCup updated it's design by adding three ribs as reinforcements to the clamping jaws making them 55% more durable based on 3D strength analysis.  This area was identified by our team as the Achilles Heal of RoboCup so we reacted to the useful market feedback and made this high stress area much more robust.  

The bottom end caps also have new tooling and the threading is now perfected after many attempts to make it reliable and ergonomic.  The threading is now 3X thicker for durability and is easier to use.  

RoboCup is a constant work in progress and we are confident the recent updates are two big steps forward.  

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2016 Cine Expo

2016 Cine Expo

Cine Expo was a huge success for RoboCup and we exhibited directly next to Film Tools who is now our top distributor in the Film/Production channel.  Since this expo, RoboCup has started a cult following in the film/photography industry.   What an honor!

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2016 ICAST: International Sport Fishing Show

ICAST 2016